Raised Garden Bed 5 Best Ways To Fill Up A CHEAP !!

Raised Garden Bed – One of the most popular questions I see from new gardeners is how to fill new beds with soil. Lots of different methods out there that work great!

Everyone has a different opinion and the materials available are different. I have researched a lot to find how other people have filled the raised bed.

Raised Garden Bed How To Build

Raised garden beds are a great way to create an organized garden space, especially when you have limited space to plant a garden.

Building a raised garden bed yourself will save you money, and this DIY tutorial will show you exactly how. Raised garden beds also make for easy drainage and help repel pests.

We’ve built a 4FT x 8FT rectangular garden bed and a 4FT x 4FT square bed, and they both work GREAT! This tutorial will show you how to build a garden bed that will last for years.

Ready to build your own garden bed? Keep reading this tutorial to learn how to make a simple and easy DIY garden bed – or if you prefer video content, check out our YouTube tutorial below!

Raised Garden Bed How To Build


Raised Garden Bed Cedar

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Raised Garden Bed Metal

The metal raised bed fits perfectly into the modern landscape style. This particular design offers the beauty of curved edges that soften the rugged look of corrugated iron.

The right thing for your modern garden style
The raised bed made of corrugated iron looks so beautiful! Be careful – they can be sharp on the cut edges. Use wood veneer to cover sharp edges when building!

Raised Garden Bed Cheap

You want to create a garden but feel like you don’t have space or money for it? Make your own garden bed with this tutorial on how to make an inexpensive bed using free pallets.

Learn more about this tutorial. What if you could build a garden bed for free and plant lots of stuff in it? When you’re ready to be green thumbs-up, a raised bed should be on your to-do list.

Inexpensive raised beds can be made from pallets, which are available for free at many stores. What’s even better is that they are usually pretreated so that they can already withstand the elements.

Raised beds are also great because they tend to have fewer problems with garden pests than if planted directly in the ground. This garden bed is designed for square foot gardening.

Square foot gardening will maximize your growth potential in confined spaces. A garden of 16 square meters holds an average of 130 plants!

Remember, to generate enough yield for a family of four, you need a bed for each family member. You should also budget for soil and seeds – many vegetables can grow back from salvaged cuttings or seeds, so do your research before you start planting.

Raised Garden Bed CedarGarden Bed How To Build

You should keep children away and wear glasses and gloves while you work on this project. You will be cutting nails from pallets and the wood is prone to breakage.

Consider making this a group project or community park. This is a great way to bring friends and family together and keep them coming back. Gardens need attention to thrive, just like communities!

Materials needed

This project includes tools that go beyond the gloves and goggles mentioned. While you can certainly get the job done with manual tools like hammers and hand saws, it’s faster and more efficient to use the listed power tools.

If possible you should have this for the project –

Saw back and forth
drilling machine
Hammer or nail gun
The number of pallets required depends on the nature of the wood. However, you can never have too many palettes because they have so many uses. We say fill it up if you can!