5 Secrets Outdoor Space For Creating Easy

Outdoor Space – verandas, decks, patios, and even verandas are extensions of our homes. Let’s do more than just add a welcome mat and a potted plant or two. Let’s try a little to make this area inviting!

I used to just fill a couple of pots with flowers, sweep cobwebs, tidy up, and that’s it. Nowadays, I try to put more effort into my outdoor area. In particular, I wanted my deck and patio to feel more like an outside space, not just a place for a couple of flower pots and a table with an umbrella.

Create Outdoor Space

To turn your outdoor space into a place where you want to spend all your time, think of it as a family room. Which textures, colors, lighting and styling, make you happy and relaxed? When Caitlin Black of Vancouver-based landscape design firm Aloe Designs began designing backyard layouts, she asked clients, “How do we appeal to your senses so you sit in a space that feels completely natural and comfortable?”

Create Outdoor Space

Start From Scratch

With the optional weather shoe, what’s under your feet is critical in creating a space that feels right. Grass, gravel, paving stones, terraces – everyone makes a different experience. Incorporate contrasting elements like soft moss next to crunchy gravel or colorful weeds next to paving stones. And consider how this “floor” wears out over time; Cedar decking, for example, is better in the sun than in the shade.

Think Long Term

High-quality furniture is worth the investment. “I like wood because it’s softer and warmer on the body than glass or metal,” says Black. He likes wood, such as teak, which, if cared for properly, can last a long time. “But be practical when storing your desk in winter — invest in a cover,” he says.

Spring Backyard Ideas

Spring has arrived! After a long cold winter in Minnesota, the birds are finally chirping, the brown is turning green, and you can’t wait to go outside. When the warm weather returns, you can definitely make the most of a long sunny afternoon in your garden. In this seasonal post, we’ll cover some creative spring garden additions and design ideas that can take your home to the next level and make your Minnesota springtime more enjoyable.

Outdoor Space Dining Area

Everything tastes better than a grill, so why not take your entire dining experience outside by installing an outdoor space grill with an attached kitchen island. The kitchen island can be used as a tabletop when you prepare food or grab a bar stool to turn it into a dining table. Do you want to spice up your garden style? Incorporate attractive bricks into your BBQ area and install a roomy open pergola for added shade and tone.


Incorporating a hardscape this season is a great spring garden idea that will quickly enhance the aesthetics of your space. Whether you want to install retaining walls, patios, or winding paths, each will add a professional touch to your garden.

Consider mixing and matching patterns and materials in your hardscapes to keep up with the latest trends. Norton Homes experts will work with you to decide what’s best for your garden and suit your needs, and then they’ll take it from there!


Gardens are the most popular and enduring trend in garden design. They not only have beautiful aesthetic features but can also be a natural addition to your lifestyle. As more and more people use local organic produce, homeowners incorporate fruit gardens and vegetable gardens into their outdoor space areas. During your landscaping process, consider leaving room for a large, ornate garden.

How To Spruce Up Outdoor Space

A fun night is an excellent opportunity to invite friends to a starry party under the night sky. Unlike house parties, where guests spend most of their time indoors and in different rooms around the house, outdoor space parties are often limited to smaller areas such as the patio.

How To Spruce Up Outdoor Space

This can significantly reduce the burden on hosts who don’t have to prepare to set up an outdoor hosting area for guests. But even impromptu parties require planning and a little fat on the elbows before the guests arrive. Below are some of the areas you should address before guests arrive for their next outdoor space get-together.

  • Remove dirt from sidewalks and terraces. Sidewalks and patios may not need too much attention but check with a broom to remove debris. While you’re cleaning your patio of debris, remove all furniture and make sure you clean up any trash, including food that may have fallen under the tables and chairs since your last party. If the patio is filthy, consider a high-pressure cleaning to remove stubborn stains that could ruin the area’s aesthetics.
  • Clean the furniture. Whether it’s been months since your last party on the patio or just a few days, the table needs cleaning. Unless items have been stored in a garage or shed, patio furniture is exposed to the elements, which means dirt, soil, soot, or pollen may have accumulated on the table. Wipe all pillows and use a mild detergent if necessary. Cushions may take some time to dry, so make this one of your first tasks and leave them out in the sun to dry faster. After cleaning, wipe the furniture with a damp cloth to remove dirt and grime.
  • Clean and inspect the grill. The grill is an essential accessory if you have an outdoor space party, clean the grill thoroughly before the first guests arrive. Nothing stops a party like hunger, and diners can get restless if food isn’t served on time. If you are using a propane grill, be sure to check that the tank is complete when you clean the grill. A summer faux pas is running out of propane, so stock up on an extra tank just in case.
  • Clean the entrance to your house. Your guests will likely use the same entryway over and over again during the party. So focus on cleaning this entryway, so guests don’t trip over or jump over toys on their way to the indoor toilet. As soon as the entrance area is cleared of potential tripping hazards, make sure the inner path to the bathroom is also clean.

Backyard Ideas On A Budget

Ready to upgrade your outdoor space living space? A backyard makeover doesn’t have to be expensive to be luxurious. Sometimes the proper night lighting, patio furniture, and DIY magic are all you need to create the garden of your dreams. Check out our list of backyard design ideas to help turn your green space into a beautiful oasis on a budget!

If you’re not sure where to start to remodel your garden, why not start with a patio or patio? This feature instantly makes your garden very attractive and increases the resale value of your home. Use this easy DIY project to create a concrete deck or build a wooden deck that you can decorate with cute chairs.

Lay Outdoor Carpet

Need something to spice up your DIY patio space without a major renovation? Consider a great outdoor space rug! This is not only a great way to add a pop of color to your garden but also an inexpensive way to transform a room without having to paint or stain the deck.

Make A Stone Path

Connect different parts of your outdoor living room with these DIY backyard transformation ideas! Lay materials such as mulch, bricks, or stones to create a clear path from your home to the pool or playhouse in your yard. You can also add a little flair to your walkway by adding garden decorations like glow-in-the-dark stones or garden stakes.

Build A Tree Bench

Use this massive tree in your backyard makeover by building a tree bench! Some glasses, a wooden pallet, and a saw are just a few of the items you’ll need for this clever outdoor bench idea. When you’re done painting it in your favorite color, add some decorative pillows for a shady reading spot!

Making Your Outdoor Space Comfortable

Relaxing on the terrace, lazing around the pool, playing with the kids in the garden, all our anticipation of warm-weather fun, the heat of summer can put a damper on outdoor activities. When extreme heat forces us back home, where air conditioning keeps everything cool and comfortable, remembering what we love about the warmer months can be challenging.

“Extremely hot weather can make it difficult, but not impossible, to enjoy your outdoor living space,” says Rick Kelly, an outdoor cooling expert at KuulAire, a manufacturer of portable evaporative coolers. Luckily, some inexpensive outdoor updates can help you enjoy your patio, deck, or yard, even on the hottest days of summer.

Here Are Some Tips To Help You Keep Your Outdoor Space Living Room Cool And Comfortable All Summer Long.

When the hot days bring you indoors, enjoy the superb comfort of air conditioning. Still, you can also cool off your garden, patio, or deck! KuulAire offers two portable evaporative cooler models, the KA77 and KA55, both designed for outdoor space use. The device can significantly lower the temperature in a 150 to 600 square meter outdoor space living area and use less electricity than a regular hairdryer. Wheels and casters make it easy to move the unit where you need it most.

Next, don’t overlook how outdoor space décor can help add comfort to a patio or deck. Your interior design is designed to make the interior of your home a welcoming space with controlled temperatures and comfortable furnishings. You can achieve the same effect in your outdoor space living room.

Replace hard plastic furniture or scrap metal that becomes like a frying pan in the heat with furniture that reflects the comfort and beauty of your indoor furniture. Enhance the luxurious feel of your patio furniture by adding plush cushions, flooring, and accent lighting. Draping your patio or deck in light, the sheer fabric creates a curtain feel and helps repel insects.

Decorative citronella candles smell and look good and also serve the practical purpose of repelling insects. The table fountain gives your outdoor space environment a cheerful sound and enhances the feeling of relaxation. Overall, choose colors and patterns that reflect the design elements you like most about your interior.

Cooking is another essential element of summer fun, and many summer dishes are entertaining. But when the temperature rises, who wants to sneak up on a hot grill? Replace traditional grilled dishes that require grilling with non-cooking options like fruits and vegetables. Consider making naturally cooling foods like smoothies and cucumber salads. And invest in a cold box or portable fridge if you store groceries outside.

“With gas prices high and the economy still recovering, many of us will likely be staying home again this summer rather than investing in expensive summer vacations,” Kelly said. “It’s often cheaper and more satisfying to upgrade the outdoor space with upgrades that last all summer than to spend a fortune on several days of travel.”


After a long cold winter in Minnesota, the birds are finally chirping and the brown is turning green. When the warm weather returns, you can definitely make the most of a long sunny afternoon in your garden. Try these creative ideas to make your springtime more enjoyable.

Norton Homes experts share their tips for organizing an impromptu outdoor party. Clean the patio, remove dirt from sidewalks and terraces, clean up any trash, and make sure to use a mild detainer. Norton Homes experts will work with you to decide what’s best for your garden.